Your emails, calls to MN House needed now

Ask your Representative to support livable wages for Direct Support Professionals who provide essential daily supports
Your action is needed as House Human Services Omnibus bill makes next committee stop!

Portion of $9 billion state surplus needed to meet needs


The House Human Services Omnibus bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, April 27 (schedule subject to change). As of now, this bill does not contain ongoing investments in wages and benefits for Direct Support Professionals working in waiver funded disability services.

The Senate Health and Human Services Omnibus bill currently contains ongoing investments in the Disability Waiver Rate System, aimed at providing resources needed to raise Direct Support Professional wages and benefits.

There is less than a month remaining for the House and Senate and Walz Administration to find compromise agreement on legislation to pass this session. If compromise is not found, the legislature can simply adjourn for the year without taking action to help DSPs. Our state’s current $9 billion surplus coincides with great needs in Health and Human Services, presenting an opportunity for our legislators to come together to make critical investments before they adjourn this session.

MN House members need to hear from their constituents why it is critical that the MN House invest in wages and benefits for Direct Support Professionals working in waiver funded disability services this session.

Here’s how you can help now:

Please reach out to your MN House Member to share a personalized version of the points below. Open the email by noting that you are reaching out as a constituent and family member, or provider of disability services in their district.

  • I understand legislators are being asked to address a number of important needs this session given how destabilizing the worker shortage and COVID have been for a wide variety of human services in our state.
  • Our state is also facing a more than $9 billion budget surplus.
  • Along with addressing other important needs, it is absolutely crucial that the legislature invest in wages and benefits for Direct Support Professionals working in waiver-funded disability services - this session. Not addressing wages for Direct Support Professionals this session will continue to limit access for Minnesotans with disabilities to essential disability supports, as residential services continue to close in districts around the state and waiting lists for employment and day enrichment services grow longer and longer.
  • Provide your MN House member with an up-to-date picture of what access to employment/day enrichment services for people with disabilities looks like in your community or for you personally.
  • If you are a family member, please share what it's been like for you and your loved one as you have tried to access disability services. Briefly share your story.
  • Include information from your organization or shared by your provider on the number of people with disabilities waiting to access employment/day enrichment services.
  • Include information, if known, on the number of job openings at this disability service provider.
  • Speak to the impacts of these barriers to service access for Minnesotans with disabilities.
  • Direct Support Professionals are a cornerstone of the services that support people with disabilities to live their lives where and how they choose. The House Human Services Omnibus Bill does not propose investments in the wages of Disability Support Professionals in waiver funded disability services. We need the MN House to take action to support paying these critical staff a livable wage, and I am asking you to advocate for the House to do this.

    Thank you for your service.



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