MOHR/ARRM 2023 Disability Services Day at the Capitol: March 28, 2023


The MOHR/ARRM Disability Services Day at the Capitol will be held in person this year on Tuesday March 28th. The purpose of this annual event is to educate Minnesota State Legislators about the critical legislative issues impacting disability services. The event will consist of a 10 – 11 a.m. rally in the Capitol Rotunda, followed by meetings with legislators throughout the rest of the day.  Below you will find steps you can take to be sure you are ready for the day. It is important to REGISTER WITH MOHR (see info below) so we can track our efficacy!



  1. PLEASE REGISTER for the MOHR/ARRM Disability Services Day at the Capitol by SENDING AN EMAIL TOThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:
      1. Organization name
      2. Your name
      3. Your email
      4. The names of the local legislators you plan to set up meetings with for the Day at the Capitol
  1. All MOHR members are strongly encouraged to set up a meeting with both their State Representative and State Senator for Disability Services Day at the Capitol rotunda
      1. You can look up who your State Representative and State Senate is, as well as their contact information, here. Be sure you are reaching out to your State Representative/Senator.
      2. When reaching out to request the meeting, a sample meeting request could be: Hello, I am reaching out to you as part of your district.  For Disability Services Day at the Capitol on March 28th, I would like to try to set up a meeting with you to discuss current disability services state legislative issues. We are hoping to schedule these meetings any time after 11:00 on March 28th, is there a time that works for you to meet with me at your office?
      3. When you reach out to your two state legislators to request the meeting, you may be told they already have a meeting scheduled with constituents for the March 28th Disability Services Day at the Capitol. That means that our partner organization ARRM already set a meeting up with them. If your legislator prefers for you to combine your MOHR meeting with the already set up ARRM meeting, you can email MOHR lobbyists to get that meeting information.
      4. We are happy to help advise MOHR members who don’t have experience reaching out to their legislators for meetings, please reach out to MOHR leadership or MOHR lobbyists if that is the case.
      5. As we do each year, we will be sending out information to MOHR members prior to the event date to provide you with background information on our legislative asks and suggested speaking points for your legislator meetings.
  1. Information for day of the event
      1. A resting room has been reserved in the State Office Building for MOHR members to use in between the rally and legislator meetings. MOHR Grassroots Committee members will be staffing room 300 North of the State Office Building until 4 pm. Food or drink are not allowed in committee rooms.
      2. If you would like to eat while at the capitol, the cafeteria spaces at the Capitol Rathskeller Café or Transportation Building have tables for eating brought in lunches as well as food purchasing options.
      3. The Capitol Complex website has information on parking and directions.
      4. You are welcome to bring organizational signs or posters to the event.