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Members: Please view MOHR Organizational Charters - below

MOHR Executive Committee Membership with Region:

President: Julie Johnson (Region 10)
Vice President: Robin Harkonen (Region 2)
Past President: Mike Burke (Region 3)
Secretary: Steven Howard (Region 6)
Treasurer: Beth Schear (Region 7)
Chair of the Government Affairs Committee: Lynn Noren (Region 10)
Chair of the Extended Employment Providers Committee: Brian Benshoof (Region 8)
Chair of the Membership and Marketing Committee: Lynne Megan (Region 10)
Chair of the Governance Committee: Mike Burke (Region 3)
Chair of the Training and Education Committee: Jo Bittner (Region 1)
Chair of the Public Relations Committee: Mike Miner (Region 10)
BOD member elected by other members of the Executive Committee: Tom Weaver (Region 10)
BOD member elected by other members of the Executive Committee: Tim Schmutzer (Region 6)

MOHR Board of Directors Membership with Region:

Terms Expiring in 2021

Region 1: Jo Bittner
Region 3: Mike Burke
Region 5: Renee Nolting
Region 7: Elizabeth Schear
Region 9: Richard Pavek
Region 10: (1) Bob Brick
     (2) Julie Washington
     (3) Lori Schluttenhofer
     (4) Jennifer Freeburg
     (5) Julie Zbaracki
     At Large: Heidi Smith (Region 9)
     Chair of EE Provider Committee: Brian Benshoof

Terms Expiring in 2022:

Region 2: Robin Harkonen
Region 4: Cory Lawrence
Region 6: Steven Howard
Region 8: Mark Pauly
Region 10: (1) Steve Ditschler
(2) Julie Johnson
(3) Lynn Noren
(4) Lynne Megan
(5) Tom Weaver
At Large: (1) Tim Schmutzer

MOHR Legislative and Administrative Consultants:

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
Government Relations Specialist
525 Park St., Suite 225
St. Paul, MN 55103
Telephone: (612) 492-7000

Chair Governmental Relations Practice – Kevin Goodno
Governmental Relations Specialist – Anni Simons
Governmental Relations Specialist – Shep Harris


MOHR Charters (available in PDF format)

Executive Committee
Extended Employment Provider Committee
Government Affairs Committee
Governance Committee
Membership Committee
Public Relations Committee
Training and Education Committee