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The A-Team was first initiated in Wisconsin in 2011 as an effort to coordinate stakeholders and families in a strategic effort to expand grassroots advocacy on a state and national level. Today, there are 19 states with A-Team chapters, representing thousands of members who support a full array of choices.

About A-Team Minnesota

A-Team Minnesota is a chapter of  A-Team USA, with a  mission to support a full array of service options for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) through encouraging advocacy efforts, increasing public awareness, and providing advice to those who care for and create policies for people with special needs.

Individuals with I/DD and their families, like all other members of society, should have the right to choose from a full spectrum of options for residential living, vocational opportunity, and recreational activity. Diverse, individual needs must be respected, honored, and celebrated through  quality choices that are tailored to meet unique needs and enrich lives.

As A-Team members, we are uniting representatives of organizations that serve individuals with I/DD, family members, legal guardians, and self-advocates to work together to promote individuals’ rights and expand, instead of limit, their choices.

We are excited and optimistic about the promise of coming together to ensure understanding, choice, and appropriate resources for these individuals so that they can live, work, and thrive in environments that work best to meet their unique needs.

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