Ben Roufs/RevZero

Ben Roufs loves his job at RevZero in Chanhassen. After graduating from Norwood Young America High School, Ben connected with the State of Minnesota’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services to see where his talents and aptitude might take him. Working with Dave Styles at MRCI in Shakopee, Ben soon found himself at RevZero for a tour and a job tryout. That was nearly four years ago.

In that time Ben started as a part-time employee and worked his way to full-time. Always looking for a challenge to develop new skills, Ben moved from the hand screw station to bending and electric discharge machining, on to deburring, and currently works on Swiss machining. Each step and station along the way Ben developed and mastered skills that lead to being a successful and valued employee.

According to Bob Anderson, RevZero plant manager, RevZero is a tier two provider in contract manufacturing of medical pieces. In fact, 98% of their work is related to medical devices. The work at RevZero matters. In fact, Ben’s work saves lives. Think about life-saving medical devices such as stents, pacemakers, and electrodes that stimulate the brain. These devices all require minute, microscopic components that are intricately crafted with no room for error. Screws, bolts, and wires thinner than hair strands are manufactured with precision. With that in mind, every prospective employee has to demonstrate an aptitude for this work and the desire to learn. Employees need to be focused and detail oriented and Ben was no exception. Ben proved himself from the beginning and it seems there’s no stopping him. According to Steve Pike and Brady McQueen, Ben’s co-workers and supervisors, Ben is a great worker – he loves to learn and picks up new skills quickly. They added that he’s a dependable guy; easy-going with a quick smile.

What does the future hold for Ben? He hopes to attend Hennepin Technical Community College and learn more about the programming side of the machines he works on. Every indication is that Ben will succeed. His career path is paved in choice, opportunity, and skill-building thanks in part to partnerships with Vocational Rehabilitation Services, MRCI, and RevZero, but ultimately Ben’s success is thanks to his own determination.