MOHR Executive Committee Membership with Region:

President: Julie Johnson (Region 10)
Vice President: Robin Harkonen (Region 2)
Past President: Mike Burke (Region 3)
Secretary: Steven Howard (Region 6)
Treasurer: Beth Schear (Region 7)
Chair of the Government Affairs Committee: Lynn Noren (Region 10)
Chair of the Extended Employment Providers Committee: Brian Benshoof (Region 8)
Chair of the Membership and Marketing Committee: Lynne Megan (Region 10)
Chair of the Governance Committee: Mike Burke (Region 3)
Chair of the Training and Education Committee: Jo Bittner (Region 1)
Chair of the Public Relations Committee: Mike Miner (Region 10)
BOD member elected by other members of the Executive Committee: Tom Weaver (Region 10)
BOD member elected by other members of the Executive Committee: Tim Schmutzer (Region 6)

MOHR Board of Directors Membership with Region:

Terms Expiring in 2022:

Region 2: Robin Harkonen
Region 4: Cory Lawrence
Region 6: Steven Howard
Region 8: Mark Pauly
Region 10: (1) vacant
(2) Julie Johnson
(3) Lynn Noren
(4) Lynne Megan
(5) vacant
(6) Tom Weaver
At Large: (1) Tim Schmutzer

Terms Expiring in 2023:

Region 1: Jo Bittner
Region 3: Mike Burke
Region 5: Renee Nolting
Region 7: Elizabeth Schear
Region 9: Richard Pavek
Region 10: (1) Judie Foster-Lupkin
(2) Mike Miner
(3) Lori Schluttenhofer
(4) Jennifer Freeburg
(5) Julie Zbaracki
At Large: (1) Heidi Smith
Chair of EE Provider Committee: Brian Benshoof

Committee information for the Government Affairs Committee:
Committee Chair: Lynn Noren
Committee Co-Chair: Mike Burke

Extended Employment Providers Committee:
Committee Chair: Brian Benshoof
Committee Co-chair:

Membership Committee:
Committee Chair: Lynne Megan
Committee Co-chair: Elizabeth Schear

Governance Committee:
Committee Chair: Mike Burke

Training and Education Committee:
Committee Chair: Jo Bittner
Committee Co-chair: Heidi Smith

Public Relations Committee:

Committee Chair: Mike Miner
Committee Co-chair: Michael Kraines

MOHR Legislative and Administrative Consultants:

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
Government Relations Specialist
525 Park St., Suite 225
St. Paul, MN 55103
Telephone: (612) 492-7000

Chair Governmental Relations Practice – Kevin Goodno
Governmental Relations Specialist – Anni Simons
Governmental Relations Specialist – Shep Harris


Members: Please view MOHR Organizational Charters

MOHR Charters (available in PDF format)

Executive Committee
Extended Employment Provider Committee
Government Affairs Committee
Governance Committee
Membership Committee
Public Relations Committee
Training and Education Committee